Saturday, 9 July 2011

Spotlight: Equinox

     This is probably the most obscure first wave black metal band, period.  Only 66 copies of this album exist, I am proud to say I own one because I'm kvlt-as-fvck.  Most of these songs were recorded in 1986 with the goal of making the most evil sounding music possible.  To say that this album sounds like shit is a gross understatement, this is truly awful.  All of the songs are recorded live in what I can only assume is a garage with a tape recorder.  The single guitar (if you are a bassist don't entry) is rarely on time with the drums.  If this was recorded in 2011 it would immediately be dismissed as shit, if this was recorded in 1990 it would be dismissed as shit.  This was recorded in 1986/1987 and the band knew it was shit and didn't bother releasing it until 2010.   

     Although this band sounds awful there are some ideas going on here that are actually revolutionary.  The song "Door of Death" only has 3 riffs and attempts at creating an evil atmosphere through droning tremolo picking, if this was recorded better it would have sounded like a Darkthrone song.  If this band had access to a studio they could have made a record that would be considered a clasic black metal album.  Unfortunately this never happened and all we get is noise on a CD that almost resembles music.  

     This release shows the true underground metal spirit.  These guys didn't care if anyone listened to their music, they didn't try to sound pretty, they didn't try to show off.  All they wanted to do was play the most extreme music possible.  In 86 it took balls to play music like this, and I give these guys props!  If you want to be kvlt-as-fvck like me, you can order this CD from Salute Records (if it is still available.)  Anyway, check out this video!

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