Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mild Mannered Misogyny - Stronger Mind, Stronger You! (Tex's Review)

This demo is a one-man death/pornogrind project full of deathy riffage, slammy breakdowns and retarded porn samples all crammed into four two to three minute tracks. Main man Philip Thomas Wentworth, with the help of a few guest musicians, has given us this ridiculous, albeit shockingly musical breed of grind that he calls “pinchcore” (pretty sure it’s a joke… pretty sure this whole thing is a joke).

I was really surprised to hear some actual riffs and song structure from a one-man joke grind band, not just complete noise. The riffs are often either chugging or ringing chords supplemented with some chaotic pinchy riffing. Actually the pinchyness of the riffs doesn’t bother me like I expected it to and there are even some riffs with an almost old-school feel to them. It’s definitely more death than it is grind/core.

The vocals and drums are also surprisingly well done. The drum programming is competent, following and complimenting the riffs well, sounding like what a real drummer might actually play. The vocals are gurgley but mostly comprehensible growls for the most part, though some clean vocals pop up in second track “A Romantic Dinner for Two” and last track “Do it Now.” Not sure if they really work in the context, but I appreciate the attempt.

Porn samples usually annoy the piss out of me, but they grew on me in the release somehow. Probably because they’re actually funny and are within the songs, not just used as intros and outros. Still pretty stupid though. There are some really cool ideas on this demo, the standout being the pan flute(?) section in “Horny.”(lolwut?) However, there isn’t enough variety between songs or anything really awesome that makes me want to come back to it. The fact that I generally dislike joke bands doesn’t help either. If you’re into porno/gore themed death/grind check it out. It’s pretty decent for what it is.

Tex's rating: 66%

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