Friday, 28 October 2011

Do the world a favor and start a funeral doom metal band

     Tex made a post about how unappreciated doom metal is in regard to other genres.  I am going to continue on this train of thought but focus exclusively on Funeral Doom.  I am going use metal archives to support all of my information.

There are 320 Funeral Doom bands world wide
There are 1014 Black metal bands in Brazil
There are 324 Death metal bands in Portugal
There are 715 Melodic Death metal bands in the United States

Despite the fact that Funeral Doom originated in Finland, there are only 23 bands that represent the genre from that country.  There are 756 Black Metal bands, 991 Death metal bands and 115 power metal bands from Finland.  Here is my final "Fun Fact" out of all 320 Funeral Doom Bands, only 242 are active.  You can criticize "Bedroom" Funeral Doom as much as you like, but you have to keep in mind how few of these bands there are in comparison to bedroom Djent projects, or terrible "black metal" solo projects.

     Some people would say that there is no room for experimentation in Funeral Doom and there is very little that can done by way of experimentation do to the limitations placed on the genre.  I believe that slower soundscapes provide more room for variations on different themes in a more natural progression than any other metal genre.  I understand that you want to show off how fast you can shred and how tight your blast beats are but extreme music isn't about how fast you play... it's about art and expression, which is what Funeral Doom offers above anything else.