Saturday, 2 July 2011

Rottenomicon - Fuck you Very Much (Curt's review)

    When I first heard the name "Rottenomicon" It immediately made me think of some sort of evil comic book convention.  Apparently it is a Greek word that in English means: "An Image of the Rotten Law."  After listening to this demo and reading the lyrics this band truly portrays an image of the decaying society that we live in.

     I can tell that these guys are very influenced by early-mid 90's death metal especially Napalm Death.  Many of the riffs present strongly remind me of the "Harmony Corruption" album but it would be silly to call this band a "Napalm Death" rip off.  Musical influences are all over the place but it doesn't seem like the band has a musical identity of its own.  Most of this album is very forgettable and sounds like "generic death metal."  What would have helped make the riffs stand out would be more drumming variation.  If there were a few half time sections with the drumming it would make the riffs stand out much more on their own.  There are some really cool melodic solos in the last 2 songs and I would have liked to hear more of these.  Vocally this reminds me of the guttural style Chris Barns adopted on "Butchered at Birth."  

     The lyrics are very political in an all encompassing sort of way (like Napalm Death), there is nothing overly specific that would prevent a person from a different country from appreciating what is said.  I can tell that these guys speak English fairly well from reading their lyrics so there is no excuse for the title.  There is nothing clever or witty about the title "Fuck you Very Much" it is incredibly childish.  Seriously... are you 13? 12? no? but I digress... 

     I really like this release and I enjoyed listening to it, these guys are talented musicians that are drawing influences from the right places.  Despite the fact that I said a lot of negative things, I honestly do appreciate what this band is trying to accomplish.  This is death metal and there is nothing overtly bad about it, I am sure that in time this band will develop and identity of their own and when they do, I will be listening to it and banging my head!

Check these guys guys out, there is no way you can like death metal and not like this band:

Curtis Review: 70%

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