Monday, 11 July 2011

Mild Mannered Misogyny - Stronger Mind, Stronger you! (Curt's review)

     Mild Mannered Misogyny is a one man project, headed by "Philip Wentworth."  Ironically enough this is the same Philip Wentworth who played guitar for the "girlfriend metal band"   Desiderium and probably at least a hundred other bands.  Philip actually described this project better than I ever could, here is his description: 

Mild Mannered Misogyny was Philip Thomas Wentworth's idea to combine his concept of boring, generic death metal riffs and drum machine patterns with near-constant pinch harmonics and extremely offensive lyrics for no reason at all. It was essentially a joke with no punchline. 

After considering the creation of an absurdly offensive, experimental full-length concept album he decided instead to abandon the project and focus more on producing and playing in more serious bands.

     I Honestly don't find these lyrics to be "extremely offensive," I actually find them to be very "mild mannered," nothing even manages to touch Cannibal Corpse in terms of vulgarity.  I have always found bands like Anal Cunt and The Raunchous Brothers to have lyrics that are hilarious and offensive, but this isn't that funny or offensive.  Lyrically this really falls short of "so offensive it's funny" and sounds  more like someone who got rejected by 26 girls on POF and attempted to write "mean" lyrics out of sexual frustration.  The lyrics are mostly abut unfortunate things happening to slutty chicks, which most people enjoy.  The lyrics are especially stupid on the song "Romantic Dinner for Two" it is about killing a chick that is cheating on you.  My favorite line is:

Thrust the knife, whore die
Thrust the knife, boy die
Thrust the knife, whore die
Thrust the knife, slut cry

   Every time I listen to this song I immediately think of a more childish version of "Cheater" by "Judas Priest."

    Philip describes MMM's music as being "Pinch Core," I hope he is kidding.  It is actually just really generic slam death metal with way too many annoying pinch harmonics.  Some of the riffs are really cool and remind me of Devourment and sometimes even Suffocation.  The greatest strength of this EP is how catchy all the songs are throughout their short duration.  Every song has at least one memorable moment (for better or worse.)  There are a couple of dumb porn samples that will never measure up too XXX Maniak in a million years.  The br00tal vocals are done fairly well but sound really weak, there are a few clean vocals that don't sound out of place (oddly enough.)

     If Philip picks up this project again, I suggest he take notes from the above.

Curt's Rating: 69%

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