Friday, 29 July 2011

Listen to metal and enjoy your life.

Have you ever seen this abomination?

Hello There Fellow Metalheads
Instead of a Metal rebellion i propose a new plan.

1. Instead of bashin other metal artists, we need to unite. We cant fight against pop music if we arent even together.
2.) Watch more and other metal videos to get it to the top of the youtube vid list
3.)Instead of bashing pop, promote metal with logical reasons, not just METAL RULES
If you like this idea, thumbs it up JUST so people can see it, and also spread it around if you like this idea.

This is a prime example of the childish mentality that exists in the vast majority of metal heads in their teenage years.  This behavior is actually fairly understandable, even if it is ridiculous.

     Imagine you're 14, you attend an average sized highschool, you've just recently discovered the genre "heavy metal," and your eyes have been opened to a new world never before experienced.  One of your friends posted an In Flames song on your facebook wall and you listened to it 8 times in a row before your Mom finally told you to go to bed.  While you were listening to this song on repeat, you downloaded the entire In Flames discography on a torrent site, and uploaded it onto your 80 gig Ipod.

     Your last block of school is P.E. (Physical Education) and you have big plans to hang out in the weight room with your 2 friends and lift weights while listening to this new SUPER UNDERGROUND EXTREME BRUTAL DEATH METAL/SCREAMO BAND you have been a fan of for the past 12 hours.  You get down to the weight room, pull out the Eminem CDR that the older kids were listening to and hook your Ipod into the P.A.  After about 2 minutes your Ipod is in the garbage, Eminem is back on the stereo, and your chased out of the weight room by 6 steroid injected grade 11 students.

     After school you come home, your confused, frustrated, and pissed off.  When a person insults something you care about. it makes you angry, even if it is something that is as unimportant as music.  You proceed to the computer room where you are going to go on youtube and see if you can find some "angry" music that you feel you can connect with.  Unfortunately you find videos like this instead:

    Due to the fact that your sole identity is in music, you are deeply offended by this!  This hurts your feelings and makes you super pissed!  So you make a reply video that attempts to justify metal.  The next thing you know metal fags are commenting on your video telling you that In Flames are gay and you should be listening to "true metal" like "White Chapel."

      If you are reading this blog and you feel like your the kid I'm describing, I have some advise.  Listen to Electric Wizard and chill out.  Not everyone is going to like the music you like and that is the way the world should be.  You don't need to convert other people to heavy metal music to reserve a place in Valhalla.  Your music isn't better than anyone else's music.  Identifying yourself with music created by other people, doesn't make you a unique individual.  Bashing Justin Beiber doesn't make you cool and music is entertainment.  I am a huge Summoning fan, Tex is not, is that the end of the world?  No.  Try to have a life outside music, you will be a happy person.

Listen to metal and enjoy your life.

posted by Curt

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