Friday, 17 June 2011

Amputation Spree - Terminal Velocity (Curt's Review)

     Amputation Spree are a Brutal Death Metal project from the united states, there is only one member; Spencer Van Dyk, who also plays guitar in another band called "Acrasia."  I hate to say it but I much prefer the music in Acrasia and after listening to them I realize that Spencer is not living up to his full potential.

     When I first heard the name of this EP I was expecting something a lot different from what I actually heard.  Terminal Velocity is the speed an object reaches when it cannot physically go any faster due to the forces acting on it.  Keeping this in mind I expected to hear some really fast music.

     The EP opens up with a really cool synth melody that wouldn't be out of place on a funeral doom album, the guitars quickly come in and deliver some slow crushing riffing which doesn't actually build up to anything.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of cool riffs present, but it always stays at the same slow to mid pace level.  I would personally really like to hear some blasting and some tremolo riffs to add a little bit of chaos to the mix.  The whole time I am listening to this I am feeling like it is building up to a climax that never actually happens.

     There are some positive attributes to this EP as well.  The production is thick and crushing and works perfectly with the music.  The vocals are also brilliant and one of the best parts, they are deep and powerful.  The last song "Sudden Monolithic Realization of Chaos and Suffering" is awesome!  It is dark and crushing, the synth adds to this dark atmosphere and you feel totally consumed in it.  There is a Melodic Guitar solo that adds tremendously to this track and reminds me of fellow death metallers "Prostitute Disfigurement."  

     What we have here is a weak release by a strong musician.  I think that on future releases Spencer should ether go in an "all out brutal assault" with fast chaotic guitar parts like "Gortuary" or go for a slow atmospheric doom metal approach like "Ahab" or "Esoteric."  My biggest concern with this EP is that is too "Middle of the Road" and never actually reaches "Terminal Velocity."  Although I said some negative things about this release I am looking forward to hearing what "Amputation Spree" will release next.

Download this EP and let me know what you think in the comment section.  

I also think that everyone should check out "Acrasia"

Curt's Review: 65% (If I hadn't heard "Acrasia" it would have been much higher)   

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